Who We Are

Gursehaj Coaching Classes provides various courses of Graduation and Masters level through the Distance Education of Various Universities. We believes in imparting practical education to individuals rather than just teach them the curriculum. We are not interested in running parallel education streams instead support the individuals to achieve highest level of self esteem & standard of education and nurture them to be a good citizen of our country.

We are committed to educate, train and shape human beings into a valuable individual, who can help in growth of the Nation. As a country we can not reach our maximum potential without education. Education is food for mind and is essential for people of every age group. We should not postpone the supply of this food to some future time. Postponement of the supply of education may just mean that our mind either be undernourished or malnourished. Moreover, universal access to education is fundamental to a healthy and vibrant society.


Quality Education

The students are provided quality education material in Self Learning format and in addition to this counselling is provided by well-educated and experienced academic counsellors. One of the great advantages of Distance Learning is that it provides a viable and affordable alternative to conventional mode of education, especially for those, who for several socio-economic, family and geographic constraints, could not get education despite their high motivation and genuine aptitude for studies, and also for those who do not have time for education through conventional mode because of their personal, professional and family obligations.


Characteristics of Distance Learning

• Age No Bar.

• Flexibility in rules and regulations.

• Special facility to bring the dropouts in the main stream by condoning break in studies.

• Admissions twice a year, in calendar year (January batch) and academic year (July batch).

• Quality print material is provided by the institute only in English language.

• Well defined minimum and maximum duration of each programme.

• Study based on credit system and students are at ease to accumulate credits as per their convenience and availability of time.

• Evaluation of students on the basis of Internal assignments (30% weightage) and Term-End-Examination (70% weightage).


Characteristics of Study Material

• States clearly objectives and learning outcomes.

• Contents broken in to various headings and sub-headings that cover each learning objectives.

• Self Learning Exercises and check your progress questions are inbuilt in the study material.

• Unit structure has been given in the beginning of the unit.

• Provides plenty of examples, charts, graphs, tables and equations wherever necessary.

• At the end of each unit summary, glossary has been provided.


Advantages of Distance Education

• Learning at your own pace, speed and convenience.

• Just-in-time learning; more opportunities to learn the latest and the updated study materials.

• Reaching the unreached; reaching those with restricted mobility (dropouts, housewives, handicapped, elderly people).

• Accessibility for those with family responsibilities (parents with young children at home).

• Exposure to telecommunication technology and access to media-rich learning environment.


Salient Features

• Focused on IT / Management Education

• Experienced and Committed Faculty

• Innovative Pedagogy

• Education Seminars by Reputed Professors & Corporate Leaders

• Strong Academic Industry Interface